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== See also ==
== See also ==
* [[Help:Patrolled pages]]
* {{mediawiki|meta:Help:Patrolled edit|Further reading on the Meta-Wiki}}
* {{mediawiki|Extension:FlaggedRevs}}
[[Category:Help|Patrolled edits]]
[[Category:Help|Patrolled edits]]

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Patrolled edits are a feature which allows specific users to mark items in recent changes as having been "patrolled" or "approved". By default this is only available if you have sysop permissions.

This feature is useful when reviewing recent changes for undesirable edits, link spam and vandalism. This allows people (with permission to do so) to coordinate their patrolling activity, such that edits get checked over once, with less wasted effort (different people checking the same edit).

Hiding patrolled edits from recent changes

Patrolled edits can be hidden from recent changes by adding "hidepatrolled=1" to url in the following form:


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