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A technology revolution is sweeping the globe. New approaches to communication and information management have profoundly altered the way institutions function. But many countries in the developing world are being left behind. International Bridges to Justice believes that increased access to legal resources is a prerequisite for the implementation of the rule of law. It is essential that those seeking to bring about systemic change are aware of current treaties, international human rights norms, and the most creative approaches to criminal defense.

Many lawyers in developed countries take instantaneous access to legal resources for granted. However, lawyers in developing countries still cannot find even the most basic resources such as penal and procedural codes. IBJ intends to change that with The Criminal Defense Wiki by bringing case law, codes, treaties, and other resources to lawyers in developing countries.

The Criminal Defense Wiki is an IBJ project that leverages the goodwill of law students, professors, and experienced criminal defense practitioners from around the globe to create the Internet's best resource for criminal defense lawyers around the globe.


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