Summary of State witness testimony (Zimbabwe)

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When X is committed for trial in the High Court, the State is obliged to serve on X at the same time as the indictment is served a document listing the witnesses which the State intends to call and a summary of the evidence which each will give in sufficient detail "to inform the accused of all the material facts upon which the State relies": s 66(6) CPEA. The person defending X will thus know at the time his client is committed for trial not only the particulars of the charge and the facts upon which it is based, but also the witnesses the State will be calling and the main points of their prospective testimony.

Where the case will be heard in the magistrates court, the defence lawyer will be provided with a copy of the charge sheet or summons. He is entitled to ask the State for a list of the witnesses it intends to call against his client. He can also ask for a copy of the summary of the case prepared by the police.

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