In Flagrante Delicto

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In flagrante delicto is a legal term often literally translated from Latin as "in a blazing offence". In the United States this would sometimes be translated as "caught red-handed".

In flagrante delicto has important meaning in certain criminal justice systems. For instance in France investigating police have more extensive powers of search and seizure of the crime was in flagrante delicto. Similarly, the the Egyptian Constitution provides that individual freedom is not subject to violation except in cases of flagrante delicto.[1]

In Egypt:

A crime is flagrante delicto durings its commission or just afterwards, when the victim chases the offender or the public raises a hu3e and cry immediately after it, or the offender is found nearby with weapons, implements, documents, or other items that suggest he committed or participated in the offense; or there are other signs or indications of his guilt.[2]


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