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Help Translate DefenseWiki into Your Language

IBJ is interested in having all of our pages translated into other languages, and we need your help! In particular, we would be very interested in French, Spanish, Khmer, and Chinese translations. If you would like to assist us, please send an email to

Below are specific instructions on how to create and maintain languages pages on DefenseWiki:

Help: namespace

  • English is the main reference language, and all root pages should be named and written in English.
  • Other languages should be placed in an appropriately named sub-page of the English version. E.g. the French version of Rwanda should be at Rwanda/fr.
  • Language sub-pages should be named using the appropriate language code for that language (see below).
  • Sub-pages should only be used for translations into other languages, not for English content (e.g. you shouldn't use Table editing/example - use Table editing example or Example of table editing instead).
  • If an international version of a page exists but an English version does not, then please create a stub article for the English version as this aids navigation.
  • All pages in the help namespace should be tagged with the {{Languages}} template, which automatically creates links to all available translations.

The main page

The English version of our front page is located at Criminal Defense Wiki. Translated versions are located at Criminal Defense Wiki/code, where code is the language code:

In addition, there are also special home page created for mobile phones:

Importantly, the rules about language codes (see below) should be followed here as well.


Throughout the Criminal Defense Wiki you should use the language codes specified by the MediaWiki software when creating language-specific content (see Names.php for the full and up-to-date list).

For reference:

  • English language pages should not have a language code. (IE. Rwanda)
  • French language pages should use the language code "fr". (IE. Rwanda/fr)

Please also bear the following in mind:

  • If the language code is not found in Names.php then we should not host pages in that language.
  • Note that some language codes in Names.php are now deprecated (e.g. zh-yue has been replaced with yue). In these cases only the most recent code should be used.

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Language Codes

Page Name Language

Main Page English

Main Page/af Afrikaans

Main Page/ar Arabic

Main Page/az Azerbaijani

Main Page/bcc Southern Balochi

Main Page/bg Bulgarian

Main Page/br Breton

Main Page/ca Catalan

Main Page/cs Czech

Main Page/da Danish

Main Page/de German

Main Page/el Greek

Main Page/es Spanish

Main Page/fa Persian

Main Page/fi Finnish

Main Page/fr French

Main Page/gl Galician

Main Page/gu Gujarati

Main Page/he Hebrew

Main Page/hu Hungarian

Main Page/id Indonesian

Main Page/it Italian

Main Page/ja Japanese

Main Page/ka Georgian

Main Page/ko Korean

Main Page/ksh Kölsch

Main Page/mk Macedonian

Main Page/ml Malayalam

Main Page/mr Marathi

Main Page/ms Malay

Main Page/nl Nederlands

Main Page/no Norwegian

Main Page/oc Occitan

Main Page/pl Polish

Main Page/pt Portuguese

Main Page/pt-br Brazilian Portuguese

Main Page/ro Romanian

Main Page/ru Russian

Main Page/si Sinhalese

Main Page/sk Slovak

Main Page/sq Albanian

Main Page/sr Serbian

Main Page/sv Swedish

Main Page/ta Tamil

Main Page/th Thai

Main Page/tr Turkish

Main Page/uk Ukrainian

Main Page/vi Vietnamese

Main Page/yue Cantonese

Main Page/zh Chinese

Main Page/zh-hans Chinese (Simplified)

Main Page/zh-hant Chinese (Traditional)

Main Page/zh-tw Chinese (Taiwan)