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See [[Core Values]]
== References ==
== References ==

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  • 1. Effective access to justice for every person with disabilities is ensured on an equal basis with others, including through the provision of procedural and age-appropriate accommodations, in order to facilitate their direct and indirect participation, including as witnesses, in all legal proceedings, including at investigative and other preliminary stages.[1]
  • 2. Every juvenile offender is segregated from adults and accorded treatment appropriate to his or her age and legal status.[2]
  • 3. Laws, procedures, authorities and institutions specifically applicable to children accused of or recognized as having infringed the law are promoted and established, in particular:

A minimum age below which children are presumed not to have the capacity to infringe the law; Whenever appropriate and desirable, measures for dealing with such children without resorting to judicial proceedings, providing that human rights and legal safeguards are fully respected.[3]

  • 4. Every juvenile alleged as or accused of having infringed the law has the right to have his or her privacy[4] fully respected at all stages of the proceedings.[5]

See Core Values