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== Zimbabwe Criminal Defense Manual ==
See [[Zimbabwe | Zimbabwe Criminal Defense Manual]]
'''Table of Contents'''
* [[Introduction (Zimbabwe)| Introduction]]
* [[Defense Lawyer's Role and Responsibilities (Zimbabwe)|Defense Lawyer's Role and Responsibilities]]
* [[Pre-Trial Matters (Zimbabwe)|Pre-Trial Matters]]
* [[Jurisdiction of Courts (Zimbabwe)|Jurisdiction of Courts]]
* [[Preparing for Trial (Zimbabwe)| Preparing for Trial]]
* [[Trial (Zimbabwe)|Trials]]
* [[Rules of Evidence (Zimbabwe)| Rules of Evidence]]
* [[Criminal Law Code (Zimbabwe)| Criminal Law Code]]
* [[Verdict (Zimbabwe)|Verdict]]
* [[Sentence (Zimbabwe)|Sentence]]
* [[Record of Proceedings (Zimbabwe)|Record of Proceedings]]
* [[Appeals (Zimbabwe)|Appeals]]
* [[Automatic Review and Scrutiny (Zimbabwe)| Automatic Review and Scrutiny]]
* [[Miscellaneous Matters (Zimbabwe)|Miscellaneous Matters]]

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